What to expect

We DEEPLY value connection
and trust that you will have
a welcoming experience.


We value connection very deeply and trust that you will experience a welcoming connection with the RE-Team and specifically with the Lord. We have an informal, yet well-ordered approach to everything we do here at Remembrance. 


The community consists of a collective of families and friends with a focus to create space for people to encounter God through fellowship, worship, the Word, prayer, and communion. These elements are all set in place to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to reflect on God’s goodness and mercy.


All children between the ages of 1 to 13 years are most welcome to join our children’s ministry at Unika’s Lapa (close to the rugby field). We are committed to partnering with parents to lead children in being rooted in Christ, with a hope of a great future. We value creative age-appropriate teaching, activities, relationship and your child’s safety.

Youth & Young Adults

Our teenage group from grade 8 to 12 or ages 14 to 18, called REveal, gather every second week. Our young adults group from ages 19 to 29, called REmain, gather occasionally.

This is a time of prayer, worship, fellowship and studying Scripture. We get insight into who we are and what our purpose is as we discover more of who God is.

For more information, contact Lunard at lunard@rechurchza.com. 

Is there a dress code?

We have no specific dress code. Come however you feel most comfortable.